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Public Relations Agency

New York City 

Bklynite Media, Inc. provides public relations services, focusing on strategic communications, publicity, and brand and reputation management. 


The goal is to secure clients’ brand in newspapers, magazines, broadcasting (tv) networks, radio shows, podcast segments, and speaking engagements at conferences or events locally or nationwide. 


The team services the hospitality industry, including hotels, lounges, event venues, food and beverage brands and chef personalities worldwide.


Our office is headquartered in New York City, with locations in Connecticut, and California.


Press Coverage

Let's Get you in press today!


Public relations Services


Together we will develop dynamic public relations campaigns that create desirability for your brand and impact your industry


Let us help your brand form long-term relationships with journalists and other media-related professionals who can consistently support your brand

Let's secure valuable placements in top-tier regional and local media outlets to feature your brand

Let's secure keynote speaking opportunities at industry-specific conferences


Need editorial support?

Let us write your press release, pitch letter, speech, by-line article, blog, and more


Learn how to communicate effectively with reporters and properly represent your brand to the world

Press conferences

Let us organize and host in-person press conferences where the media learns about your brand and gain relevant exposure for your business

Are you ready to take the reigns of your brand's public image?


Schedule a 1:1 consultation with a seasoned PR professional to take your company to the next level

Together we will evaluate your PR  materials and provide strategic



PubliC Relations

  • What can public relations do to your business?
    Public Relations has the potential to increase the company's brand and its services to the general public to learn more about your business, ultimately to build a reputation, to increase product-knowledge, to learn about services, and leading to increase in brand recognition and uptake in sales.
  • Why should I hire a Public Relations agency?
    A public relations professional will educate the public about your company, its services and products, to gain consumer trust and to build consumer confidence through press as its goal is to increase reputation and brand awareness.
  • When is it time to hire a public relations agency?
    Once a company has established its foundation and with a public relations plan in place for the next three months.

Meet The Team

Michelle Lam

Founder & CEO 

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Michelle was a financial public relations communication publicist and strategist. She specialized in brand management, media, crisis communication, and social media marketing. She serviced the financial services sectors, including hedge funds, alternative investment, private equity, and the banking space. Additionally, she launched Ogilvy’s very first healthcare campaigns during the healthcare reform time period. Her versatility carried into the tourism market in raising awareness in South America, which resulted in her winning the PRSA’s Reputation & Brand Management (2014) award.

Fun facts: Michelle launched Bklynite Media, Inc., in 2019, providing public relations and social media services.

Michelle was featured in Valley Bank’s inspirHER Women in a Business campaign, a guest speaker at BlogHer on social media’s best practices, IHeartRadio, and Business Talk Radio focusing on entrepreneurship and best marketing strategies for small businesses. She has been featured on TLC’s Cake Boss, Time Out NY Kids, and BK Reader.



Meghna Hegde

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Roseanne Attia

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Michelle Sierra

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Sincere Le Pham

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Alison Fischer

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