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OLFactoryNYC: Create your custom perfume - Unisex, bottled fresh, make it yours in 3 simple steps

What an experience! OLFactorNYC's scentologists guided us through a customization experience as we tested out different signature scents and finally bottled a fresh perfume on-site.

Love my new perfume. Highly recommended if you love customizing your own perfumes.

In-Store Custom Process

Both in-store and online, our custom scent process is designed to be engaging and interactive. Instead of building a scent from scratch, the team works with the best perfumers to provide 'core scents' which they use as bases. Then, the 'accords' are specially designed as additions to build and create.


Explore our 9 core fragrances (developed by the world's top perfumers!) by spritzing them on a scent blotter. Choose your favorite—this will be the base scent of your custom perfume!

How much does it cost? $85 per custom scent!

How long does the custom scent process take? 20-45 minutes for one scent. Add 15 minutes for each additional scent.

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