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Indian Whisky: Royal Ranthambore Whisky in the U.S.

An ode to Ranthambore, where the kings of yesteryears ruled and the mighty tigers roam free. The Royal Crafted Rare Whisky is a tribute to the majesty of this historical land. Inspired by the agility of the tigers that call this place their home today, the colour of this spirit is a true homage to the hue of the tigers’ stunning coat.

From a fine heritage of whisky making, comes the epitome of our Master Blender’s craft – “Royal Ranthambore”. In reverence to the magnificent Tigers and Warrior Kings that ruled over the land, Royal Ranthambore is a rich symphony of taste, aroma and finish. The splendour of this unique creation from the house of Radico, is here to entice the senses and give you an experience that’s majestic.

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