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Dedicated to the spectacular way of life, Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin harks back to imperial age of Maharajas and Maharanis and their leisure moments.

The chic dark black packaging is complemented with touches of muted gold. Perhaps, it is an allusion to the golden sand that shines in all its glory, against the pitch black night. The black buck in the logo is royally reminiscent of the highly prized Jaisalmer Royal Flag. The pride of the state and an elegant form on its own, the black buck is all things regal. Set between the horns of the Black Buck is the Jaisalmer Fort, a glistening symbol of royalty, quite like no other. It silently proclaims the valour, honour and royal pride of the imperial clan. Finally, the traditional Rajasthani motifs add the impeccable detailing and thoughtfulness that only royalty can bring. It upholds an equally colourful history, the tapestry of which invites you to unravel it.

A time-honored recipe enhanced with ancient wisdom of Indian herbs and handpicked botanicals.

The gin sings to the palate with spicy notes from coriander, peppery hint from cubeb pepper, citrusy brightness from lemon peel, zing from sweet orange peel, fresh aroma from Darjeeling green tea and Lemon grass.

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