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Dancers Unlimited Launches a Multimedia Dance Installation at Good Life Garden

Event: Edible Tales Immersive Dance

Installation Performance

What: Storytelling Food Culture + Food

Sustainability + Social Justice

Location: Good Life Garden, 50 Goodwin

Place, Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City

Date: Sunday, October 23rd, 2022

Performance Time: 5:00pm - 7:30pm

Presenter: Dancers Unlimited 501 (c)(3)

Refreshments by Chef Lioness: Small bites

Contest: Salsa-making with $250 prize

sponsored by VERSD

Cost: Free admission/Donations-based

Attendance: RSVP Recommended


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Dancers Unlimited Launches a Multimedia

Dance Installation at Good Life Garden, Entitled Edible Tales

Let’s explore cultural heritage, social justice

and food sustainability through food-related narratives

In partnership with Guest Chef Lioness to host a salsa-making contest sponsored by VERSD

New York, NY, October 6th, 2022 – Dancers Unlimited (DU), is honored to

launch Edible Tales’ immersive dance installation in partnership with Good

Life Garden in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. The event is on Sunday,

October 23rd, from 5:00 PM -7:30 PM EST. RSVP is recommended.

Admission to the event is free and in support of all monetary donations at

your discretion to make this event possible. Additionally, a special guest,

Chef Lioness will be hosting a salsa-making contest, sponsored by VERSD

and one winner will receive $250.00.

"Edible Tales is inspired by our community, and guided by our individual

and collective experiences. It's an ode to our shared humanity and an

opportunity to build a better future for the future generations," says Linda

Kuo, Co-Artistic Director of Dancers Unlimited.

Edible Tales is the culmination of over 2 years of community conversations

on Cultural Heritage, Social justice, and Food sustainability that continue to

impact lives through a series of repertoires curated by the DU


Cultural heritage is an identity. The repertoire story tells all walks of life

from the perspective of BIPOC communities, immigrants and children of

immigrants, and refugees, spotlighting life obstacles and the journey of

healing through the transformation of cultural traditions alongside family

practices and the dire need for cultural preservation of your heritage.

The social justice repertoire continues to evolve, as DU continues to

narrate the collective documentaries of human stories and life experiences,

emphasizing the reflection of today’s reality of inclusion, focusing on

opportunities and resources available and the accessibility to all equally.

The food sustainability repertoire features the circle of life as we

acknowledge how the motherland has given us an abundance of food, to

nourish our minds, body, and soul. We, therefore, have to give back to her

by nourishing her with an abundance of our care and love, by eliminating

toxins and pollutants, planting seeds, and nurturing the motherland back to


Join the community. To learn more about DU’s program and services,

including the developmental stages of Edible Tales, please subscribe to

DU TV App, a free 24/7 digital platform that hosts food-related content,

including the latest live performance repertories, documentary videos,

dance classes, and workshops are available to subscribers.

DU’s choreographers have been practicing community-centered creative

processes that turn their food-related stories into impactful and authentic

moveMEANT narratives and a documentary anthology.

Choreographers of the Dancers Unlimited community come from all walks

of life and join together with their common search for healing and

nourishment. As a collective, we continue to evolve as our relationship with

food continues to change in every generation as we reconcile cultural

identity with larger societal limitations and challenges. However,

food-related topics, specifically a type of cuisine, a food group, or a list of

spices, continue to be a reminder of home, traditions, and the endless

journey into healing as we narrate our emotions and experiences through


Thank you to our funders and collaborators:

● Brooklyn Arts Council

● Dance NYC Dance Advancement Fund

● Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Artist Residency

● Womenʻs Sports Foundation & Athleta Wellbeing For All Grant

● Brooklyn Grange

● Good Life Garden


Follow Dancers Unlimited on Facebook and Instagram to get details about

upcoming events and behind the scene access. Follow #DUCommUNITY

for updates on the Spring CommUNITY Week.

Founder of Dancers Unlimited, Linda Kuo: Dancers Unlimited founder,

Linda Kuo, is an established choreographer born in Taiwan and raised in

Hawaii. Being an immigrant raised in Hawaii has allowed her to be

surrounded by cultural diversity and performing arts including dancing the

Hula. Linda believes that dance is the backbone of cultural identities and


Dancers Unlimited: Dancers Unlimited is a bi-coastal 501(c)(3)company

based in NYC and Hawaiʻi. The company creates authentic moveMEANT

narratives for community advancement through community-centered

creative collaboration and social justice work. Established in 2009 as a free

youth dance program, the company has presented work in prestigious

festivals and showings in Hawai’i, NYC and Asia. More information on

Dancers Unlimited is available on

Chef Lioness: In May of 2019, a fellow creative took a chance and leapt

with her into a food service venture that allowed her to have her first brick

and mortar – Dancing Tastebuds – making her the first

Dominican-American female chef to cook in a deli in the Lower East Side

of Manhattan. Nine months in, the New York Post published an article

recognizing her as the “Deli Influencer" Good Life Garden: The mission is to improve New York City's quality of life through environmental programs that transform communities block by block and empower all New Yorkers to secure a clean and healthy environment for future generations.

VERSD: A company based in New York with the purpose to facilitate

knowledge and culture sharing within and across communities. We work to

empower creators and organizations to share their knowledge with ease

via classes, meetups or events; while making a sustainable income from

their craft

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